Hi-tech biofilm protects surfaces against coronavirus for up to 90 days

The Purity Solution™ method uses electrostatic spray technology in combination with an EPA approved formula to disinfect and protect against harmful microbes.
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Best-in-class sanitizing & protection

#1 in customer satisfaction for commercial and residential disinfection. We sanitize to protect against Covid-19

Proudly serving New York City

We operate across all 5 boroughs and the surrounding New York City area. Let us protect your space and get things back to normal.

Trust the science

A proprietary sealant applies a protective coating that eradicates up to 99.8% of harmful microbes. Don't just disinfect. Purity Protect!

If you are just disinfecting, you are still vulnerable.
This is how we are protecting our city in 3 steps

We go above and beyond disinfecting your space by also adding a proprietary, powerful sealant to help keep viruses and bacteria out of your way.
  • 1

    Our team of highly trained technicians will perform an on-site assessment of the vulnerable touch areas in need of superior protection and create a unique plan for sanitization.

  • 2

    Using an EPA approved, non-toxic sanitizing agent, viruses and bacteria are reduced on contact.

  • 3

    The Purity Solution™ method when dispersed with specialized equipment, binds a grid of electrically charged carbon spikes onto surfaces which continues to sanitize for an extended duration.

Medical Facilities

A sanitized and protected space can make a tremendous difference in the well-being of your patients and clients.

  • Hospitals & Medical Offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Laboratories & Medical Warehouses

  • Medical Facilities
  • Food & Hospitality

    The last thing you want is one of your patrons getting sick in your establishment. Protect your cash flow and hard earned reputation.

    • Restaurants & Cafes & Supermarkets
    • Hotels & Lodging
    • Food Warehouses and Distribution

  • Food & Hospitality
  • Retail & Commercial

    Viruses can spread fast in a retail environment, with cards exchanging hands, clothes being tried on, etc. Protect your business with our sanitizing solutions.

    • Stores & Commercial Spaces
    • Payment Terminals & ATMs
    • Industrial Facilities

  • Retail & Commercial
  • Residential

    A single high-rise can act as breeding grounds for rapid infectious spread. We treat and protect the most vulnerable pathways to contamination.

    • Lobbies, Elevators & Hallways
    • Common Areas & Amenities
    • Stairwells and Handrails

  • Residential
  • Transportation

    Both public and private travel is especially susceptible to contaminated surfaces. We protect your freedom should it be essential for you to travel.

    • Buses & Limos
    • Airplanes & Boats
    • Taxis – Uber – Lyft

  • Transportation
    • Around the clock Service

      We can schedule your service after-hours if necessary.


      EPA approved disinfectant agent is safe for people and pets.

      Long lasting protection

      Once dry, the biofilm coating continues disrupting bacteria and viruses for an extended period of time.

      Electrostatic coating

      Our dispersal equipment positively charges the antimicrobial agent, allowing it to spread evenly along all surfaces.

      Controls coronavirus

      The disinfectant Quaternary Ammonium Compound is effective against SARS-COV2 .

      certification sticker

      Once our service is complete, we will provide you with a certified sticker to display on premises.

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        We're here for you

        Our business thrives on maintaining its impeccable reputation. With more than 1 Million Square Feet serviced every month, you can trust Purity Solution to get the job done.

        What sectors do you specialize in?

        We specialize in medical and health facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, etc. We also cover restaurants, food warehouses and their suppliers. If your environment is not listed here, drop us a line to see and we will do our best to accommodate you.

        How long does your process take?

        The amount of time for the treatment depends on the square footage that is being serviced. However, once dispersed, the solution dries and seals within 15-20 minutes.

        What is your pricing structure?

        Our pricing depends on multiple factors such as environment type, industry and square footage. Contact us today to receive a custom quote that is guaranteed to fit your budget.

        Some of our clients

        These recent customers all opted for our protection program and haven't looked back.
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